Portable health products for busy people:

  • Convenient, portable and popular with busy people worldwide.
  • New Image are able to produce both pressed tablets and encapsulated powders.
  • A range of ingredients are available including herbal extracts.

Formulation options:

Tablets: Custom tooling can allow for a wide range of sizes, shapes and designs. Capsules: A range of colours and sizes available. Accelerated shelf stability testing readily available.

Packaging options:

  • 100ml – 1100ml bottle sizes available in a range of colours and shapes
  • Blister packing in a wide range of configurations
  • Blister pack foils can be printed either as a random(brand only) or registered pattern(with instructions for use)
  • Bulk packing 25kg

Minimum order quantities:

  • Equivalent 100kg blend size
  • 10000 individual blisters